We supply 3D holographic
Avatar EdTech kits that empower
teachers, educators & 
safeguarding services to
interact effectively with
children and achieve more.

Increase the impact of your 

instructional interventions in real time and with full control.

Our IHCs (interactive holographic characters) are a sophisticated EdTech tools that use AVATARs, enabling you to interact with children in real time, in complete anonymity and with full control.

Organisations, such as schools, adopt this technology because of its effectiveness in achieving high levels of attention, engagement and outcomes with children between 3 and 9 years of age (Foundation up to KS2).  

For example, we've created Moe and friends who are fully responsive Interactive Holographic Characters (IHCs). They utilise the latest in motion capture technology including lip-syncing and voice-altering software to mimic the operator. We can create or recreate any AVATAR of your choice. 

But why is it so effective? The children see the character as a neutral entity, and can quickly relate to them without bias. 

The chosen IHC is then brought to life by an operator(s) in another room, using a camera and microphone to speak, ask and answer student questions with expressive language, gestures and body movement.

The IHC console is compact, mobile and can be set up in classrooms, halls and assemblies. Because the operator can see and hear the children in real-time they feel a sense of inclusion and are keen to interact.

It can be used by a teacher, child intervention specialist, psychologist, or any professional who wishes to interact with an individual child or a group of children.


The possibilities are endless.

Meaningful Interventions


Primary Education Classrooms

The best age group for the use of our EdTech Interactive Holographic Character kit  is children age 3 to 9 years old. Within a primary school setting children are immediately captivated and respond effectively to its commands.

Regardless of the character they engage with, our research shows that their attention time is maximised, comprehension increases, and teachers confirm that engagement is sustained in all activities. 

SEN & specialised Education

There are many challenges in SEN education. Starting with engagement and attention through to communication. teachers and LA support teachers need all the help they can get.
When it comes to visible social-emotional responses and physical responses to instructions, the AVATARs are a real game-changer. Your teaching is easier, more effective and you will achieve outcomes faster.

Evoke Intervew BBC crime watch.jpg

Police & Social Services Interventions

The Police and vulnerable people agencies have shown interest in Evoke's pioneering EdTech to aid them with interviewing vulnerable children as key witnesses.


Evoke and the University of South Wales' psychology department have made enquires to establish if and how the evidence given through the use of such technology would be accepted in Court. 

Our research is ongoing and it is likely to become a valuable benchmark in this field. In 2017 David Hinton and Child Psychologist Rachel Taylor, discussed the product applications in this area at the BBC Crime Watch TV programme.


"Its been a great pleasure to have MOE join the Woodlands school family. Our pupils and staff

are seeing the great benefits of having MOE and what he continues to bring to our school.

We would like to thank the creators for helping our school to continue to support pupils

communication, well-being and overall education".

Rachel Stokes, Pastoral Manager 

Woodlands School

Birmingham, UK

Mrs Clayton.jpg

Mrs Clayton, Reception Class

"Moe the monkey, he was brilliant. The children were so engaged. They found him really capturing. Everything he did, they got excited about. It worked so well. Very Powerful".
Tottington Primary School


Simon J Hunt Tottington Primary.jpg

Mr Simon J. Hunt, Teacher, Award Winning Author and SLE for Bury

"I work in an inclusive school with children with physical disabilities. When Tiana interacted with Moe, her face just lit up and she was so engaged. I can't explain it its best to watch the video. It was amazing to witness".

Tottington Primary School

Bury, UK

Hannah Hughes.jpg

Miss. Hannah Hughes,
KS1 Phase Leader, English KS1 & SLT

“During our time with Moe the monkey, they encouraged lots of creative activities in all areas of the curriculum”.
Shield Road School

Bristol, UK